[Infographic] The Overall Best Web Hosting Provider Based On HostAdvice.

Basically, everyone wants the best out of the bests. So we recommend the best web hosting provider and why it is our favorite.

To make a website you need a domain and a server to host your website, making your website running. But having our own a server requires high technical knowledge which not everyone capable of configuring the machine. Optimizing, securing and maintaining a server is a tough work. Besides, servers require high specification rig which is costly.

HostAdvice community will help you find quality hosting services

So we need to host our website via web hosting providers. There is plenty of options on the internet, so it’s better to look for reviews online. We found a great place for site owners to choose the best web hosting provider, HostAdvice.

Host Advice scans the web’s best hosting services, deals and discounts. Their experts and users analyze the hosting by performance, reliability, support and pricing. In other words, they help site owners to get the best bang for their buck!



What is The Best Web Hosting Provider?

Do you ever trying and being disappointed by several other so called “top companies” for best web hosting provider? Let me introduce you to the most underrated and excellent web hosting services, FastComet.

If you are searching on the popular site about best web hosting provider, you may not bump into this web hosting provider. Hence, they deserve a shout out in spherebyte. We have a strong reasons to said so and we don’t blindly recommend them.

SSD-Only Cloud

Most hosting providers use traditional hard drives which are just too slow for today’s standards of the web. Solid state drives provide up to 300% faster performance reducing the random access time to 0.1 millisecond. This means fast delivery of your content from your blog, online store, static website, or custom-built application.

Free 24/7 Priority Support

While others provide only hosting related technical support, FastComet offer full support for services, websites and apps. They can handle application installations, site optimization, configurations, custom software setups and deployments, website transfers and much more.

Free CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare operates out of 30+ data centers around the world. The Content Delivery Network automatically caches your static content and distributes it around the world to deliver it faster to your visitors. This improves your website performance for any geo-location and eliminates the access latency caused by your hosting server physical location. You can have CloudFlare CDN activated for your website with a simple click – no site modifications required.

Fixed Prices & No Surprises

Tired of being charged extra for being a loyal customer? They have strict fair policy for 100% customer satisfaction – no hidden fees, no surprises. You will always renew your services on the same great price you sign up for and we will never charge you extra.



Free Domain Forever

Every hosting service comes with a Free Domain Name. If you already have a domain you can get a free transfer to FastComet. Either way, you will never need to renew your domain name again – they will renew it for you free of charge, for as long as you have an active hosting service with us.

cPanel Powered Hosting

cPanel is the most powerful and reliable web hosting control panel on the market. It is intuitive for beginners and provides all the advanced features to even the most experienced webmasters. Using the cPanel web interface you can easily manage your applications, files, email accounts and databases without the need to install any additional third party software

Daily Backups

They provide daily backups that are kept offsite and you will have backups from the past 7/30 days. They will give you full, unrestricted access to your backups via their web-based 1-click Restore Manager. Moreover, their 24/7 technical support is always ready to give you a hand if you need help restoring your website and that comes at no extra cost.

45 Days Money – Back

If for any reason our service does not match your expectations they will issue you a full refund. All Shared Hosting Services are covered by our 45 days money-back guarantee and all VPS and Dedicated servers are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.

Source HostAdvice.

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