Photolemur – Enhance Your Photos Automagically with AI

Improve the quality of your photos in an easy way!

Photolemur, let you enhance your photos with a single click!

We have seen a lot of AI integration on software over the years as it becomes a trend. Photolemur is an application which use its own artificial intelligence and computer science elements to make your photos look better.  The technology is evolving. The application will scan your photo detail by detail to detect the defects and fix it instantly. Specifically, it analyzing every bit of pixels in seconds, identify individual features and come out with necessary adjustments and corrections.

On the outside, it is a simple and user-friendly application. On the inside, it use a complex high-end image processing algorithms which had taken years to develop. It is built to learn about itself based on the history of success. As a result, it would be more accurate over time.


What is Good?

The essential features includes Color Recovery, Sky Enhancement, Exposure Compensation, Smart Dehazed, Natural Light Correction, Foliage Enhancement, Tint Perfection, JPG Fix and RAW Processing. There are more features to come like noise reduction, face-retouching and horizon straightening.

In addition, there is no learning curve, no need to learn the technical things, watching a long how-to tutorials or being a professional creative. It takes less time to edit and more time to capture your moments in life. Moreover, it supports RAW format which give you better editing quality and interestingly, it can process up to 40 photos at the same time. Thus, save you all the hassle. The price is $29 USD which is pretty affordable as it is a lifetime purchase. You can have Photolemur Holiday Offer (30% off) for Photolemur for Mac app and Photolemur for Windows Pre-Order via this link:

Bottom line

In conclusion, this may be not a option for professional photographer which need more control over the photos. The target user seems to be the casual user who doesn’t need to learn all the complicated editing skill and stuff.



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