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Traverxec Walkthrough : HackTheBox

User Flag Traverxec is a Linux server and this one implies that the attack vector will be something related to directory traversal. As always, we start with an Nmap scan to determine the services which are running on the server. The scan shows that ssh and http are open on the server and we then…
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Mango Walkthrough : HackTheBox

User Flag As per most of the Hack The Box machines, the server name often gives a big clue as to the attack vector to use. In this instance, the name Mango implies that the attack will be something to do with MongoDB. A port scan of the machine returns on a few services running…
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Sauna Walkthrough : HackTheBox

User Flag The sauna box doesn’t immediately give anything away like some of the other machines in hackthebox.  This one is a windows box and we start by adding sauna.htb into the hosts file and doing a port scan to see what services are running on the server. We can see that the server is…
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