Cloud Services

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment, Hybrid, AWS, Azure, VMWare, Hyper-V, Private Cloud

At SphereByte, our cloud certified consultants have the expertise to create a scalable, flexible cloud deployment to match your company's individual requirements.

Whether you are looking for your own private cloud or to take advantage of one of the public offerings using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, we can build a solution to help your company realise the increased efficiency and performance benefits as well as the reduction in operating costs and deployment timescales which the adoption of cloud computing brings about.

You can trust the unrivalled knowledge and experience of our cloud team to deliver a cloud which will transform the way your company uses IT to meet your business goals.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration, AWS, Azure, Hybrid Cloud


SphereByte can help you seamlessly migrate your entire computing platform and applications to the cloud.

The initial migration can be one of the most difficult and time consuming for a business to plan.  At SphereByte, you can be rest assured that our specialised cloud migration team will work to the timescales and needs of your business to manage a smooth transition of your applications and services.

We analyse each of your applications and infrastructure for their specific dependencies and devise individual "cloud readiness" passports for each service to ensure that any downtime experienced during migration is absolutely necessary and kept to a minimum.

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Cloud Development (DevOps)

DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment


In order to take full advantage of the scalability, resiliency and elasticity which cloud services can provide, SphereByte provides it's own customisable DevOps platform.

Our highly skilled DevOps team will work with your business to generate pipelines to help streamline application delivery and infrastructure deployment processes.  The adoption of a DevOps model will revolutionise the way your business looks at IT change.

Our custom platform manipulates market leading tooling at each phase of the DevOps process. (Git, Jenking, Puppet, Selenium). We can help you achieve a goal where your entire IT infrastructure is stored as code.

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Cloud Application \ Data Solutions

Application Design

Cloud Application Design

 SphereByte can provide bespoke application development using your existing framework or help develop a new platform tailored to your business needs.  Let us take the difficulty out of application deployment with our in house analysis and cloud ready assessment tools. 

Integration Solutions

Cloud Integration Solutions

 The Extract, Transform, Load process can be extremely difficult to control and maintain.  SphereByte can help you deploy the right tool for the job and define an efficient ETL process to work with your applications and data model. 

Reporting \ Dashboard Solutions

SIEM Dashboard, Reporting Dashboard, Monitoring Console

 SphereByte have a whole host of reporting, monitoring and dashboard solutions which can effectively integrate with your applications, infrastructure and monitoring tools to provide you with the information you need about your business in the format you require at the time you need it. Ask us about our real time reporting and dashboard solutions. 

Relational Databases

Relational Database, SQL, MySQL, Aurora, PostGreSQL

 SphereByte data consultants can design or refine your relational database to help your business applications run more efficiently and securely.  We offer solutions using MS SQL, MySQL, Postgre SQL and  Amazon Aurora.

NoSQL Design

NoSQL database, Azure Cosmos, DynamoDB, Big Data

 Big Data solutions have shifted database design towards NoSQL models over the last few years.  SphereByte data consultants can offer solutions using both  AWS DynamoDB and Azure Cosmos. 

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse, Redshift

 Our Data Warehouse solutions enable you to run analysis and reports against your business data while ensuring your operational database is not impacted.  SphereByte offer a number of scalable Data Warehouse solutions.