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Security Assurance

Pen Testing Services

Regular Pen Testing is a means to effectively manage risk within your business.  The art of ethically hacking a system to identify weaknesses which you previously didn’t know existed is a healthy way to identify the types of cyber attacks which your business is open to.

We support white, black and grey box testing and can work on site or remotely depending on your business needs and associated time scales.  We find this approach to be in our customer’s best interests and provides a level of flexibility and piece of mind.


Web Application Pen Testing

Web application pen testing is by far the most popular of Spherebyte’s security services. 

The rapid increase in services being delivered over the internet via web applications and APIs has resulted in a corresponding rise in recent years in the number of cyber attacks associated with exploiting weaknesses in web platforms.   It has now become more important than ever to ensure security is embedded into your web applications and they are able to keep your company and customer data safe.


SphereByte’s penetration testing team have unrivalled expertise in conducting security assessments across all major web application platforms and are qualified to assess the individual attack vectors associated with your applications.  Using the OWASP approach to testing, we will identify, classify and impact assess the security weaknesses in your web application and associated APIs, articulate these in a manner which meets your personal needs and work with you to remediate the areas of greatest concern. 

Our experts in this field have years of experience and can provide attestations and accreditations upon request.

We provide an initial assessment for free to help you scope the scale of the engagement and can either charge a highly competitive rate on a per URL basis or hourly basis so that you remain in complete control of any costs.  

Network Infrastructure Pen Testing

Due to the constant changes to the cyber threat landscape and the introduction of new regulatory requirements, the demand for Penetration Testing has risen 10 fold in the last 5 years.

Whether you are introducing change into your environment through the deployment of a new application, modifying an existing component or fulfilling a regulatory requirement to conduct an annual assessment, SphereByte will conduct a certified penetration test of your network infrastructure providing you with compliance and peace of mind.


The network pen test will assess the different components within your IT infrastructure to look for weaknesses which an attacker could potentially exploit to gain access to sensitive data or privileged systems. SphereByte’s pen testing team will focus on exactly the same attack vectors a malicious hacker would use to compromise your network security from operating systems, applications and authentication mechanisms.

At the end of the assessment, we will provide you with a report outlining any security weaknesses which have been found along with a series of recommendations to remediate.

As with all of our Pen Testing services, we will provide a free initial assessment to help you define the scope of the test and outline exactly what you are looking to achieve.  We work within your company’s budget and comfort zone to deliver an unrivalled pen testing service.

Vulnerability Assessment

At SphereByte, our security consultants can conduct a Vulnerbility Assessment against your applications, network infrastructure and Directory Service.  This can help you identify the security gaps in your IT infrastructure.

The assessment is carried out securely and will not introduce any downtime to your environment.  We will provide you with a summary statement to outline the high level findings as well as a detailed comprehensive report which includes risk ratings for each discovery along with proposals for remediation.

In certain scenarios the Vulnerability Assessment can be carried out free of charge by SphereByte.  Click the button below for further information and see if you qualify for a free assessment.