Infrastructure Security Services

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Public Key Infrastructure, PKI, KMS, Key Management

 At SphereByte, we understand the ever increasing demand for trusted digital certificates in the current information security landscape and the difficulties which many companies face in delivering this service in a secure and effective manner.  The added complexity of automated deployment and continuous integration provides a number of additional challenges in the PKI space.

SphereByte can work with your in-house IT and network security teams to help you design your own internally managed PKI solution deployed within your perimeter network.  

Alternatively, your company can take advantage of our excellent hosted PKI service which incurs no setup costs, alleviates the management of all associated infrastructure and software components and provides you with a self service portal to request and revoke certificates on demand.

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Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)

SIEM, Monitoring, Logging

The effective monitoring of your infrastructure and applications whether en-premise or in the cloud can quickly become time consuming and difficult to manage.

At SphereByte, we have a team of consultants dedicated to providing a range of different SIEM solutions for your company.

We focus on ensuring coverage for all of your companies assets including servers, network devices, applications and databases and providing a number of ways in which IT and business users can consume the data.  From scheduled reports to real time dashboards, we can work with the needs of your company to provide a solution which works for all.

We are vendor agnostic and have provided solutions using various solutions including Splunk, Arcsite and SCOM.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Active Directory, Ping Identity, SSO, ADFS, Access Federation, Azure AD

  The means through which we consume applications and services has shifted dramatically over last few years and the secure projection of our identity across these platforms has become increasingly significant.

SphereByte will work with your existing Identity Provider or Active Directory Service to help you achieve single sign on across all of your applications irrespective whether they are hosted internally, in the cloud or delivered as a SAAS solution to your end users.

We deliver secure, reliable SSO solutions using a variety of different platforms depending on your business needs and internal IT infrastructure.  Our consultants deliver services using en-premise Active Directory, AD Federation Sservices (ADFS), Azure AD, Azure Domain Services, Ping Idenity, Ping Federate and AWS Identity.

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Network Security Services

Directory Service Design \ Review

Azure AD Domain Services, Azure AD, Active Directory Domain Services, AD

The Directory Service is at the heart of the Identity and Access Management (IdAM) function for your company and provides an essential repository for a number of core applications.

Active Directory (AD) has been around for 18 years now and although that makes the technology mature, it also means that there are a number of security flaws which may be evident if your company has not revisited the design since the initial deployment.


At SphereByte, our consultants will provide a free assessment of your AD infrastructure which covers a whole range of aspects from the positioning of domain controllers and replication topology to the OU model and the subsequent affects on administrative delegation and application of group policy.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Management

At SphereByte, our security consultants can conduct a Vulnerbility Assessment against your applications, network infrastructure and Directory Service. This can help you identify the security gaps in your IT infrastructure.

The assessment is carried out securely and will not introduce any downtime to your environment.  We will provide you with a summary statement to outline the high level findings as well as a detailed comprehensive report which includes risk ratings for each discovery along with proposals for remediation.

In certain scenarios the Vulnerability Assessment can be carried out free of charge by SphereByte.  Click the button below for further information and see if you qualify for a free assessment.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, Pen Test

Due to the current threat landscape and new regulatory requirements, the demand for Penetration Testing has risen 10 fold in the last 5 years.

Whether you are introducing change into your environment through the deployment of a new application, modifying an existing component or whether you are looking for some peace of mind that your company's data is secure from hackers, our Pen Test is the most effective way to identify these threats.

At SphereByte, we offer a range of secure Pen Testing capabilities including black, grey and white box tests against Web Applications, Core Infrastructure Components (Operating Systems E-mail Servers, Web Servers, Active Directory), Network Devices, Firewalls and Wireless Access points.

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